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48 Hours in Sedona | A mini travel guide

Back in November, we had the opportunity to spend a handful of days roaming around the Arizona desert - such a treat for 2 girls from Maine - an entirely different landscape than we are used to! After a few days in and around Scottsdale, we hopped in our sweet little white mustang (thanks, Enterprise!) and made the journey north to Sedona, which is easily one of the most magical and energy-filled places on earth. We'd love to share with you some of our fave spots to grab a bite, drink up, and sweat it out. Read on! 


When we first crossed into Sedona, we were so floored by the red rocks and so amped from jamming out to 90's and early '00s pop hits that we pulled into a parking lot for an impromptu stretch-your-legs photo shoot before checking into our room at Sedona Summit - an incredible resort we found using one of our favorite travel apps Hotel Tonight



Sedona has no shortage of amazing things to do and see, especially if you're into being outdoors. A few can't-miss options: find an energy vortex and take a meditation break. We swear there's something in the air in sedona, we felt so happy and wonderful the whole time we were there! Many vortexes are hikable, like Cathedral Rock, which we were lucky enough to hike on our last morning in town. Visit Sedona Hot Yoga and take a soul-renewing vinyasa class. Wander through Tlaquepaque, an arts & crafts village that will make you wonder if you're in Arizona, or Florence Italy. And be sure to drink lots juice!


Where to Eat

We honestly can't say we ever had a bad meal in Sedona - one thing we noticed was how fresh and clean and healthy every place was! Here's a list of some of our most favorite places to grab a bite:

  • Local Juicery - words can't express our love for this little juice bar right on the main road in Sedona. Go, now. Get one of everything. No joke!
  • Mariposa - an incredible latin restaurant with incredible food (try the kale caesar!) and after you step outside after dinner, take a peek up at the expansive night sky filled with stars 
  • Secret Garden Cafe - nestled in the funky arts & crafts village of Tlaquepaque
  • Paleo Brio - amazing paleo-inspired restaurant with tons of healthy, locally sourced eats
  • Local Juicery (you guys, we aren't kidding, so amazing we went 3 times in 2 days!)



Where to Stay

After arriving in Sedona we headed to check out our digs (read: plot out the locations of the (multiple!) hot tubs with sweeping views of the red rocks!) We stayed at a welcoming little place called the Sedona Summit Resort. The guest suites were huge, and ours included a kitchen and a washer & dryer (which is clutch for travelers like us who had been living out of a suitcase for about a week at that point!) One thing we really loved about the Sedona Summit was the complimentary transportation to local restaurants. Our first evening we took the shuttle to Mariposa, it was so nice not to worry about getting lost in a new town - plus, hello vino! 

Where to Play

We knew Sedona was going to be a special place energetically, and as two registered yoga teachers ourselves, we knew we had to check out a local yoga class (or two)! We found ourselves on the morning of day 2 walking into Sedona Hot Yoga about to be in for the sweat session (and the greatest savasana) of our lives! The studio was beautiful, and the staff welcoming. 

After yoga (and a juice stop, and a quick dip in the hot tub) we were in need of some souvenirs, so we found our way to Crystal Magic - one of the coolest places ever - with more crystals and beautiful books and other spiritual goodies than you can conceive of. We also checked out Tlaquepaque, an interesting little village full of artisans selling everything from handmade jewelry to antique Persian rugs. 

And then we saved the best for last. The final morning of our stay, we packed up the mustang, stopped by Local Juicery for our fix, and headed to Cathedral Rock. Sitting in the parking lot staring up, we weren't sure if we'd even make it to the top, but we were willing to try! It was an amazing hike, flat in places and more dynamic in others. And the views of the giant orange rocks and sweeping desert valleys was the greatest treat.


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