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Quick + Easy Kale Salad

oh Kale... 


...cold harsh Winters don't even seem to get you down. While other more delicate hydro-grown lettuce and spinach make it under a few days in the grocery store or our refrigerators before the wilt, you stand strong and chalk full of vitamins and minerals. This Simple Kale Salad recipe is a hearty go-to for a colorful, healthy and homemade meal.




. 1 Bunch Fresh Kale
. 1/2c Roasted Almonds or nuts/seeds of your choice
. 1/4c Organic Goat Cheese
. Organic Nitrate-free Bacon cooked crispy to crumble
. Olive Oil Vinaigrette

Building a salad is relatively straight forward but here are a few of our favorite tricks!

  1. Wash Kale in cold water, remove the stalks and julienne the kale into fine pieces
    *Tip: if your kale is a few days old and has started to wilt, fill a large mixing bowl with ice water and subnerge kale at least 20mins - it'll perk right up!
  2. Combine kale and 2-3tablespoons of your preferred vinaigrette your salad serving bowl and massage for 5-8 minutes or until kale softens.
  3. Top oh-so-relaxed and well-dressed kale with roasted nuts and seeds (our favorites are home-roasted organic almond slivers and raw pumpkin seeds with a little salt and pepper), crumbled goat cheese and pomegranate seeds.
  4. Option to add crumbles bacon bits here or keep it veggie friendly. 
    *Tip: make sure your bacon is extra crispy here for optimal crunch and crumble. 

Enjoy with friends and loved-ones!

Organic Plant-Based Skin Care Crush

Skin Bliss

Moisturizing, anti-aging, skin love and a good excuse for an at home spa day, Natura Culina is our current go-to for all things skin care! Based out of Santa Barbara, we know the ingredients are as locally sourced as possible and made with love and intention.


Anti-aging eye serum

Hibiscus infused... need we say more?


All NAtural

We believe in the healing power of plants for the skin and body. Green, clean, and simple; each of our organic skincare products protect and nourish the skin with vitamins and age-defying antioxidants with NO parabens, paba or phthalates.
— Lenka Tinka, Founder of Natura Culina
Natura rose.JPG

Mindful Self-care

We are careful to curate all that goes in to our body, why shouldn't we be as purposefully choosing the product we put on our bodies?! Our skin is our biggest organ, after all!

Just the aromas alone will have you dreaming of Summer skies and Lavender fields -- just what the doc ordered in these chilly New England Winter days. We can't get enough.

Snack Break | Easy, fast, healthy + nosh-worthy mix

Snack Break

What better snack than a handful of all your favorite things?! Customized trail mix? yes please! Pssst: the one above is Whole30 compliant!

We believe the perfect trail mix doesn’t come pre-packaged - you know your faves. Own it.

Some of our favorites add-ins:

Fresh Maine blueberries
Organic coconut strips (we like Prana
Raw sunflower seeds
Organic raw almonds
Organic cacao nibs (try Navitas)
Dried fruit
Raw cashews
Toasted pecans
Chocolate covered espresso beans
M&Ms? Sure! You do you, girl!