Rosé Tasting Party Ideas | A fun collaboration with Le Roux Kitchen

Girl party or summer get together? - Rosé tasting party, all the way! It's clear we love the pink wine as our go-to summer beverage choice: light, crisp, sometimes floral with hints of berries, not to mention one of our favorite colors. As rosé gains popularity here on the Maine coast, so does the number of pretty pink bottles with cool graphic labels to choose from. No lies, we can totally admit to the old judging a wine by her label so we thought, let's fly blind and suss out our favorite without visual bias. I mean, why not?!

...because the world looks better through rosé colored glasses.
— happy national rosé day

What you'll need

First and foremost, it's integral to gather up your favorite gal tribe, big or small, to partake. Everyones knows a little buzz is more fun with a few friends! If you're gunning for hostess with the most-ess award, you'll have to grab a few bottles of each brand you choose. If you're thinking sunshine, backyards or impromptu beach picnic, have all of your guest bring their own bottle!


Supplies for a successful blind tasting: 

  1.  Rosé for days  (3-5 different brands is a good start)
  2.  Wine Key - duh!
  3. Pretty paper to wrap and hide each bottle's label.
  4. Note pad, pens and extra paper for your squad to take personal tasting notes.
  5. Wine Glasses
  6. ...and some pretty flowers, of course. 

We definitely recommend some nibbles and bites to pair with your vino party.

Where there’s a will, there’s a Rosé

rosé all day

A big ol' THANK YOU to LeRoux Kitchen for reaching out and being part of this super fun-filled collab... and an afternoon full of girly giggles, tastebud treats and a chance to play with all of our favorite pretty things! We love any chance to support small, local businesses and LeRoux is one of our Portland favorites - I swear they have just about everything you could dream of... and a whole lot of beautiful and tastey things we didn't know we needed!


Also! You might recognize some of the bottles from YOUR local market or wine shop so we've added a few true wine tasting notes below! :)


Tasting Notes

  • Armas de Guerra Mencia Rosado – Spain, 100% Mencia; Lively and bright with scents of fresh flowers and white pepper. Juicy with red berries and tangerine flavors. Light and dry, this rose is great with light pasta dishes and goats’ milk cheeses.


  • Mittelbach T Rose – Austria, 100% Zweigelt; Bright and fruit filled with cherry and red currant. Crisp and dry, this rose is medium-bodied, making it a wonderful companion for slightly heavier foods. Fried chicken, BBQ’d meats, grilled veggies will all pair perfectly with this unique Austrian rose.


  • Domaine Le Grand Rouviere Rose – Provence, France; A perfectly beautiful Provencal rose. Aromatic with red fruit and floral notes, mouthwatering acidity and minerality. My favorite Provencal rose year after year.


  • Domaine Fontsainte Gris de Gris – France; Blend of Grenache Gris, Grenache Noir, Carignan, Cinsault; Tantalizing pale salmon color, deliciously fruity on the nose and palate. Like biting into ripe fresh citrus and berries. Pairs best with a sunny day and some good pals.


  • Punta Crena Pettirosso Allegro – Italy, Blend of Rossese, Crovino; Gently sparkling dry rose; Light and bright on the palate with a crisp acidity, this rose tastes like little red berries and blossoming flowers and is full of life.

... and then there’s the ultimate Summer cocktail, Frosé - a frozen drink with rosé wine at its core. Think Slush Puppie, but gloriously alcoholic.
— Huffington Post