Quick + Easy Kale Salad


oh Kale... 


...cold harsh Winters don't even seem to get you down. While other more delicate hydro-grown lettuce and spinach make it under a few days in the grocery store or our refrigerators before the wilt, you stand strong and chalk full of vitamins and minerals. This Simple Kale Salad recipe is a hearty go-to for a colorful, healthy and homemade meal.




. 1 Bunch Fresh Kale
. 1/2c Roasted Almonds or nuts/seeds of your choice
. 1/4c Organic Goat Cheese
. Organic Nitrate-free Bacon cooked crispy to crumble
. Olive Oil Vinaigrette

Building a salad is relatively straight forward but here are a few of our favorite tricks!

  1. Wash Kale in cold water, remove the stalks and julienne the kale into fine pieces
    *Tip: if your kale is a few days old and has started to wilt, fill a large mixing bowl with ice water and subnerge kale at least 20mins - it'll perk right up!
  2. Combine kale and 2-3tablespoons of your preferred vinaigrette your salad serving bowl and massage for 5-8 minutes or until kale softens.
  3. Top oh-so-relaxed and well-dressed kale with roasted nuts and seeds (our favorites are home-roasted organic almond slivers and raw pumpkin seeds with a little salt and pepper), crumbled goat cheese and pomegranate seeds.
  4. Option to add crumbles bacon bits here or keep it veggie friendly. 
    *Tip: make sure your bacon is extra crispy here for optimal crunch and crumble. 

Enjoy with friends and loved-ones!